About TEDxApapa

TEDxApapa - an independently organized TED event - offers a boarder platform for debating ingenious and indigenous awe-inspiring solutions advancing the way we live, work, and do business in Africa. Apapa can very well be described as the commercial/trading nerve center of Nigeria, playing host to the largest maritime and marine transport hub in Nigeria, and indeed West and Central Africa.

TEDxApapa also hosts modular events like TEDxApapa Salon event. These Salon events are deliberate efforts to engage the Apapa Community - to brainstorm, interact and learn better ways of improving the business and living environment in Apapa and Africa, as we objectively project some of Africa’s boldest ideas and people.

Salon events are focused events, as they touch on every possible aspect of evolving and emerging technology, finance, living and governance.

We are dedicated to using our platforms to project solutions only. Where we converse about problems, we would give an equal and rather innovative solution to whatever problem that may be identified during our event. This for us, is our way - among others - of building a truly sustainable and resilient society.